Lisa Marie
Leah Pivirotto

is instinctually a movement researcher, educator, and a performer.  A native to Pittsburgh, PA, she trained under Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms during her formative years. Her fascination for embodied experiences drove her to continue her education in contemporary dance in a unique way. Leah helped launch Continuum Dance Theatre with her first ballet teacher. Then, being eager to grow, Leah moved to Barcelona, Spain, training and performing at Centro Maxime D'Harroche. Leah now hails from the mountains of Northern California where she trains in aerial arts and performs with a local circus tribe.  She believes in a strong technique that honors natural beauty while combining high energy with the somatic of the dance.  

Elizabeth Archer

is the Founder and Artistic Director of InnerRhythms. She has been dancing for over 40 years. Her motivation for founding InnerRhythms was to be able to nurture young people towards believing in their own power and expression through dance as an art form. She is dedicated to InnerRhythms' vision and mission.

Sheri Woodsgreen

is the Co-Founder and Associate Director of InnerRhythms Dance Theatre. She is professionally trained in ballet, modern, and contemporary jazz. Sheri is a business professional, pioneering social entrepreneur, and former professional dancer/choreographer who embodies the philosophy that positive change happens when we take inner-responsibility for affecting global good.

Jennie Pitts-Knipe

graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and English Literature from the University of Oregon and received her Master of Fine Arts in Dance Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2004.  Jennie teaches Modern dance classes at InnerRhythms.

Anett Eichler

began dancing at the age of 10 for the Palucca School in Germany where she studied Ballet and Modern Dance for 7 years. Upon graduating from the Palucca School, Anett went straight to the Opera House in Dresden, Germany where she danced in the company for 7 more years. Anett attended the University of San Diego and from there went on to dance with the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company in Denver, Colorado and Gus Giordano in Chicago. Anett has been teaching our advanced Ballet classes at InnerRhythms for 12 years.

Ashley Celaya Mondragon

is an InnerRhythms Alumna and Instructor at the Dance Centre. Ashley graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Dance. She danced professionally with CORE Dance Collective for 4 years and is also a member of the Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre. InnerRhythms is so very lucky to have one of our own 'graduates' teach and inspire our young dancers. 

Brandon Knowbody Greathouse

is a powerhouse in the Hip-Hop dance world.  Brandon has won multiple national Hip-Hop battles as well as appeared in MTV's America's Best Dance Crew and recently choreographed Fight 4 Your Life's mysterious Ghost Crew.  He also owns his own studio, the Great House of Dance in Sacramento and trained impressive talents such as Kida, 2016 winner of SYTYCD.  Although Brandon's dance resume is impressive, it's his passion to work with young talents and help them grow not only as dancers, but also as responsible young adults is what makes him truly special.   InnerRhythms is proud to have Brandon as an Instructor, and as the mentor in our Giving Voice Teen Suicide Prevention Program.   You can simply YouTube Brandon's name to check out his many amazing videos or get a little glimpse with the link below.

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Carrie Sugarman Haines

earned her bachelor of fine arts degree in Theater from the University of Southern California (USC) and went on to direct Theater in the San Francisco Bay Area for 9 years.  Before relocating to Truckee in 2005,  Carrie directed more than 25 productions for community, semi-professional, and professional theatre groups.  Carrie is a member of CETA (California Educational Theatre Association and has over 10 years experience teaching drama to children.

Marissa Bonnie

started dancing at age 9 at Class Act Dance in Paso Robles, California, where she quickly fell in love with the art form.  Marissa is a MiniRhythms Instructor at InnerRhythms and enjoys sharing her passion for dance with all of her students. 

Jennifer Couch

began dancing at the age of 3 and has trained extensively in ballet, modern and contemporary jazz. She studied dance performance and choreography at the University of Georgia and performed with the Georgia Ballet under the direction of Iris Hensley and with the Ruth Mitchell Dance Theater.  Before moving to Truckee, Jennifer was the Facility Manager at Alonzo King Lines Dance Center in San Francisco where she continued training with professional ballet and modern classes.